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    Climate change and environmental degradation are among the greatest challenges of our times. Transition to environmental sustainability will require bold action to invest in people’s capabilities to realize their full potential and contribute to the sustainability of societies and the productivity of organisations. This will require reskilling and upskilling of people and organisations.

    With more than 600,000 post offices over the world, the postal sector operates the largest physical distribution network on the planet. Some 660,000 vehicles, 250,000 motorcycles and countless airplanes, covering billions of kilometres every year, are used daily to deliver the mail. What’s more, the post offices and 5.5 million postal employees consume electricity, water and paper, which all have an impact on the environment. Local posts are involved in a variety of environmental activities, but it is not always easy for them to keep up-to-date with science and policy at the EU level, so they can create an adequate and complete long-term plan focusing on the right priorities, using the latest evidence, and delivering better results.

    Access to training, raising environmental awareness and climate literacy for those people is essential for the implementation of greener ways of everyday actions. In this project, we will develop a Course that will equip Postal Management as well as employees with Green Skills via its 9 modules that will include guidelines collected from best practices and case studies. Trainees will be empowered with skills and knowledge to minimise the carbon footprint of postal services. To enable transferability and scalability the course will be digital and supported by online group discussions in a Virtual Think Tank.

    • This is a Self Assessment quiz to assess your knowledge on the EGD and your Postal Service's (or any other organization's) compliance with the guidelines set by the European Commission.
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    • Feel free to share your ideas, thoughts or ask any questions related to the EGD in the Postal Sector or any other organization with similar structure and needs.